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Default Busy day on the CNO&TP 10/30/03 (Image Links)

With the promise of great weather and a hint of fall color left in the tree's, I decided to spend the Day on the Second District of the CNO&TP. (for those that dont kow, the CNO&TP is the busy NS mainline linking Cinncinati and Chattanooga, through Kentucky and Tennessee, with over 80 + trains a day and more great scenery than you can point a lens at) I have included links to a few of the better shots from the day, and will have more next week when I finish off the next roll of film

I was up early and in the truck headed South at 0715. Just after leaving home I hear train 22a calling signals, and stop in Harrodsburg long enough to watch him roll by. I meet up with RP contributer Josh Young at Junction City, and we head South. I had been hearing a 50Q grain train on the radio, and we decided to set up for a shot of him at Southfork. The North End DS tells 50Q to lay off the crossings as he will be meeting Three Northbounds before he heads up the Mountain. We roll up to the block at Southfork just in time to catch:

Southfork KY
NS train M68 with BNSF 516 Leading. (0825)
NS train 216 with NS 8809-9768 (0845)
NS train 264 (Northbound Triple Crown) with NS 8718-2543 (0900)

The sun is still low in the sky, and no good for the Northbounds, so the cameras stay in the bags and we just watch. After 264 clears single track, the grain train gets his signal and makes his assult on the hill, and we bag the first shot of the Day

NS train 50Q at Southfork KY , NS 8827-UP 9597-UP xxxx (0910)

By the time the rear of the train crosses over the Green river bridge just South of us, he is down to less than 10mph, and we fly low on the back roads and beat him down to Waynesburg for another shot.

NS train 50Q at Waynesburg KY (0930)

As the grain train passes we hear Northbound 230 and 144 getting close, and decided to hang out for them...

NS train 230 at Waynesburg KY, UP 2252-UP xxxx (0939)
NS train 144 at Waynesburg KY, UP 9162 plus three more NS units. (0950)

Now its Southbound and Down again. We have heard 4 Southbounds leave the yard at Danville, and we search for suitable locations to Shoot. The Sun is almost always right for Southbound trains this time of year (not so for NB's), so finding a good location is not hard. We posistion ourselves just South of the Norwood crossovers and wait for the next catch.

NS train 283 at Norwood KY, NS 9058 + 2 (1030)

From Norwood, we move on into Somerset and set up to shoot the 123 after he makes a set out at the small yard there.

NS train 123 at Woods KY (Somerset) NS 6650 + 2 (1120)

Now we wander back North of town to the signals at "Cumberland Chair" and wait for the next Two SB's

NS train 133 with NS 3199 + 1 (1205)

NS train 179 (same location) NS 9150, NS xxxx and BSRR 60 (1215)

The radio chatter has died down and it seems that the aftrnoon lull is about to happen. We move back North a little and stop at Science Hill to watch the M68 and 223 go by (once again, the sun was just not right)

NS train M68 at Science Hill KY,, NS 2583 +2 (1250)
NS train 223, BNSF 1008, BNSF xxxx (1300)

Josh has to be at work at 1600, so we start back North and make it all the way to Southfork when we hear the 229 getting close. We swing in under the Green River Bridge and set up to shoot him as he crosses this massive structure.

NS train 229 at Southfork KY, NS 6695-NS 66xx (1330)

(note..this is where I had to change film, so the pics from the rest of the day will be online in a few days) We move on up to Palm to bag Two more Southbounds.

NS train 215 at Palm Ky, NS 2581-NS 2606 (1455)
NS train 175, NS 9415- NS xxxx (1510)

From there its back to Junction city to drop off Josh, and I head towards Danville to finish out the Day. There are a couple more SB's ready to leave, so I set up at Stewarts lane to shoot them

NS train 111, South Danville KY, NS 6761, 8711, 9548, 9570, 8828, 5056 (1600)
NS train 236, NS 9420-8831 (1630)

One last train for the day at DV tower, just as the sun sets.. a second section of 230 leaves with a single SP tunnel motor and a heavy train.

NS train I-30, SP 8543 (1710)

That 18 trains in 9 hours...not the busiest I have seen, but still a good day!

As a Added bonus, here are Two Shots from last Saturday.....

NS 143 and 175 with BNSF power around Danville, 10/25/03

E.M. Bell, KD4JSL
Salvisa, KY

NS Fourms http://jreb.org/ns
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Very nice photos!

My favourite: http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=37612
iCe - <A HREF="http://www.railpictures.net/showphotos.php?offset=0&where=search|-2|-2|-2||-2||15|1||||||||-2|-2||-2|-2|||15|-2|1239||||&newsort=2" target="_blank">My RailPictures.Net Photos

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Enjoyed reading your report Excellent work!

I think my favorite is: http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=37614

I also like this one: http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=37616 Two C39-8's in one lashup!

Very nice, indeed .
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Default Busy day on the CNO&TP 10/30/03

Great job on the report E.M., very nicely done!
It was truely a beautiful day Thursday, too good of a day to pass up any photo opportunity, thats for sure. E.M Bell and I had planned to go south to try out our luck on some trains, and all in all it turned out quite nicely. You can read E.M.'s report for more specific details on Thursdays outing

At South Fork 50Q picks up speed for Kings Mt.

We caught 50Q at Waynesburg moving much slower this time around

NS 283 blows by at Norwood

NS 123 with an SD60 Spartan cab departs the small yard at Woods

A high-hood SD40-2 leads NS 133 past "Cumberland Chair"

On our way back, we catch NS 229 crossing the Green river bridge

My last catch of the day was NS 175 at Palm
Joshua Young
Alum Springs, KY
My RP Photos
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