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Default 24 Hours on the 2nd district.

Did you ever get the urge to just go out and do something stupid? This past weekend, RP contributers Caleb Herndon, Steve Blake and myself did just that, spent a entire 24 hours out on the NS's 2nd district of the CNO&TP here in Kentucky. The goal was to try night shots at a few new locations, and with the weather forcast to be supurb (and it was) on Sunday, we decided to just stay out. The NS was not as busy at normal (sundays are always slow), but we still managed to shoot/watch 42 trains and had a great time, minus sleep... here is a trip report with photo links and a record of what we saw out there. Info includes train number, loaction, lead engine number and (Time)

The trip started out about 1730 on Saturday evening (11/01/03) when we headed to Danville to meet up with Steve. The sun was just going down when we arrived at DV and we took the chance to formulate a plan and shoot a few around the yard.

NS 111 Danville Yard ATSF 516 (1745)
NS 224 Danville Yard NS 8332 (1815)
NS 251 Danville Yard NS 9710 (1820)

NS 236 Danville Yard NS 9752 (1823)

NS TD03 Danville Yard NS 5052 (185

NS I-94 Danville Yard NS 8603/2671/5008 (1705)
NS 196 South Danville (1735)

On to Junction City for Supper and Two Southbounds

NS 125 Junction City NS 8856 (2025)

NS 175 Junction City NS 8868 (2051)

After the trains thin out for awhile we go further South to Kings Mountain, always a great place to sit back and watch as the trains fight the hill..you can hear them for miles..

NS 276 Kings Mountain BNSF 4464 (2240)
NS 50G Kings Mountain NS 9598 (2315)
NS 112 Kings Mountain Unknown (2355)
NS M-68 Kings Mountain NS 9112 (0010)

Its after Midnight and the fog is starting to form as we move to the small town of Waynesburg. I had always wanted to try a few night shots here..

NS 180 Waynesburg NS 8627 (0055)
NS 285 Waynesburg NS 6160 (0156)
NS 179 Waynesburg NS 9291 (0247)

Steve decides he has had enough and heads for home, and Caleb and I start on South headed towards our sunrise goal of the area around Keno, South of Somerset. We stick to the back roads (not a easy thing in the ever thickening fog), and catch a couple on the way.

NS 22A Science Hill Unknown (0315)
NS 294 Burnside NS 8841/8669 (0405)

We arrive at Keno and park on "the mound" down on the fire road to wait for the sun to show itself. The fog is starting to rise up off of Cumberland lake, and The radio has been quiet so we grab a nap in the truck. About a hour before sunrise we start hearing a few trains getting close, then a Northbound reports a broken rail near Cumberland Falls. Traffic backs up as a result, and we are treated to a great parade of trains after MofW repairs the problem

NS 116 Keno NS 8944 (0450)
NS 275 Keno NS 9505 (0500)
NS 216 Keno Unknown (0550)
NS 132 Keno NS 5109 (0642)
http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=38013 (my favorite shot of the trip)
NS I-84 Keno UP 4937/4941 (0650)
NS 144 Keno NS 9050 (065
NS 168 Keno NS 9711 (0710)
NS 174 Keno BNSF 4540 (0732)
NS 167 Keno NS 9362 (0745)

By now the sun is up and we go exploring for a few good shots.

NS 133 Keno NS 9631 (0850)
NS 230 Keno NS 9267 (0935)
NS 283 Keno NS 9287 (1100)
NS 124 Deep Hollow NS 6710 (1120)

By now its almost noon, and we head for Whitley City for lunch. We have heard Two Southbounds on the way, so after a quick snack, we set up for them .

NS 223 Whitley City UP 9602 (1230)
NS 112 Revilo NS 8733 (1500)
NS 215 Revilo NS 9410 (1515)

Its time to start back North now, so we head out as the sun starts its slow decent. On the way we hear 123 getting close, so we stop at parkers lake for a shot. This stop would net the best train of the day. 123 had engine troubles and set out his lead motor, and continued on with a Conrail geep running long hood forward.

NS 123 Parkers Lake NS 5348 (1545)

North of Somerset, the radio alerts us to a couple of Southbounds getting close.

NS 143 Cumberland Chair UP 7239 (1630)
NS 111 Gradison BNSF 4607 (1700)

The sun is gone by now so we keep heading home, catching Three more on the way..

NS 175 Kings Mountain NS 2588 (1749)
NS 236 Kings Mountain NS 9052 (1800)
NS 251 South Fork Unknown (1810)

Thats it...one of the better trips we have taken on the NS this year..Hope you enjoyed the pics!!
E.M. Bell, KD4JSL
Salvisa, KY

NS Fourms http://jreb.org/ns
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Excellent report! I love those shots; great locations and lighting couldn't be more perfect. Those were a 24 hours well spent!
As usual, my favorite out of the bunch here is this one: http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=38038
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I agree with Mike. Those are fantastic shots!
iCe - <A HREF="http://www.railpictures.net/showphotos.php?offset=0&where=search|-2|-2|-2||-2||15|1||||||||-2|-2||-2|-2|||15|-2|1239||||&newsort=2" target="_blank">My RailPictures.Net Photos

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