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Default More Shots to Excite the Newest and Youngest Railfans

It was once said to me that my photos only excite the aforementioned. Y'all can be the judge of that.

Anyway, with an excellent forecast and train lineup on the books for last sunday, Emmett, Greg, and I headed out hopes of capturing some excellent rail action in Central Kentucky. I got the honors of driving. While it's not the biggest vehicle out there, it certainly beats sitting in the truck cramped up all day.

Upon our arrival at Danville, there isn't a whole lot of action going on. A northbound left, but with the light being like it is, that shot was out of the question. About the same time it's leaving, 223 arrives with a sparking SD60I on the point still in Conrail paint. Also we hear 283's ready to leave and head south to none other than the metropolis of Bowen.

The signal's lined for a northbound, which turned out to be 264 with a GP59 leading (of course). 283 gets their signal to leave. With an SD70M in the lead, they have no trouble getting away.


I also got this photo of Emmett actually using a wide angle lens.


We headed a few miles south down to Moreland where Emmett and Greg get shots at the bridge. I wasn't able to make it back to the curve in time, but was quite content with just watching the train roll by after finding out that the shot sucked anyway. So after picking Emmett and Greg up at the bridge, we head back up to Bowen to wait on 223.

An hour or so goes by and 223 leaves Danville. It had to meet 230, which was running short on time. It gets away from Bowen, and those screaming EMD turbos almost sent this photographer into sensory overload.

Image ©
Photograph ©

Seeing what kind of chase the Toyota can give 223, we start heading south, hoping for a shot at possibly the Mountain where the train could definitely send one of us into sensory overload. The train gets ahead of us, but there's hope for a shot at the mountain when it has to stop at South Fork. No dice. Upon reaching the crossing south of Geneva, there's a line of cars waiting for 132 to pass. Oh well, 177's behind 223 and we get some shots of it meeting 132 at Palm.

After getting back towards Danville, I drive up to the Wye so we can see what 375 has power. It had a new catfish, but the 2nd unit was of more interest, as shown by this shot of Greg...


There's a couple of trains coming behind 375. 179 arrives about 15 minutes or so after we get to the Wye and 375 leaves not too long afterwards.



It's on to Talmage next where 375 meets 23G. With fall now in full swing, I thought it would be nice to include this outtake...


The next place that we can catch 375 is at Waddy. I took a lot of crap about my car not being able to hit 65. However, with the proper motivation known as the CD "Holy Roller" by The Reverend Horton Heat, we did hit 65 en route to Waddy (for a catfish?). However, then the jokes started about my car sounding like a weed eater at that speed. Oh well, we get to Waddy and I drop Emmett off by the Firehouse while Greg and I go up to the S-curve to get our shots.

Image ©
Photograph ©

I usually don't shoot trailing units, but the paint on BNSF 162 was just immaculate, and I shot it for that reason.


It's back east next to catch 111, and we go to Vanarsdall for the last shots of the day. Rather than the standard shot, I tried something different with the fence, and it turned out nicely.

Image ©
Photograph ©

Thus the trip ended with our arrival back at JREB international HQ. This was probably the most productive day I've had for a while. Until next time...

Hope y'all enjoy, and thanks for looking!

EDIT: In writing this trip report , HTML files for my site, and talking to 43 people (this is an exaggeration) at once last night, I forgot to add one more photo.

Tuesday afternoon, Emmett called to let me know that 112 was by Nevin (about 5 miles east of here) with EMDX 75 leading. Unless you've been living in a cave the past few months, I shouldn't have to explain what that is. With the train by Nevin, that gave me just enough time to find a suitable location to shoot it. I got lucky, and the sun even came out for this shot of 112 at the Lawrenceburg Cemetery.


If I haven't told you before...Emmett, you da man!

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Nice shots, Caleb. Keep up the great work.
Nick Hart
Joliet, IL

My pictures at RP:
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nice report caleb and im waiting more nice pix from you.
i like this pic so much .
Image ©
Photograph ©
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I'm not the newest or youngest, and your shots excite me. I guess the person who stated this has no idea about what they are talking. Good shootin', Caleb. Hopefully you can get out more coming up soon.

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