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Justin Franz
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Default Favorites of Twenty Ten

In the last few days I've found a lot of free time and have started to edit some more images from the past year. I figured I'd pick a few favorite shots and subjects to share with you folks.

One of the my favorite subjects in the last few years has been the St. Maries River Railroad in north Idaho. Made up of part of the former Milwaukee Road 'Lines West' it's truly a timewarp, with a roster made up of all ex-MILW units. Here's one from a quick trip in May, of the Plummer Job heading west.

It seems every time I come home to New England, something is changing and this year was no different. The Mt. Washington Cog started to use John Deere powered locomotives a few years ago. Slowly but surly they've pushed aside the steam. By this summer only one train a day was powered by the odd looking, but cool, 0-2-2-0's.

In August I made a trip out to Iowa to see and shoot an operation that I've always wanted to, the Iowa Traction. Of course it didn't come without its challenges (including car troubles), but in the end, it was worth it.

This fall was a busy one with work and school, but I was still able to get out for one day on BNSF's Hi-Line Sub, near Glacier National Park.

This is only really a taste of some of the stuff that I shot, but they are a few of my favorites. Hope you enjoyed!

Justin Franz
Missoula, Montana/Augusta, Maine

Justin Franz: Writer. Photographer. Journalist.

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Holloran Grade
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Lightbulb An idea.

If you type:

[photoid= the number here] like 349389

The photo will look like this is your post.

Image © Justin Franz
PhotoID: 349389
Photograph © Justin Franz

Also I think there is already a thread on this topic.

"What are your top ten favorite shots that you took this year? "


The header is a little cryptic, but it is your favorite 10 shots for 2010.

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