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Default Highway "Schnabel"

I was digging through my hard drive, and found these photos from 2006, when a superload went through my hometown. Nowhere near rail-related, but I thought some of you might find them interesting.

The load was pulled by an ordinary heavy duty tractor. As you will see in a few of the shots, a gentleman is riding on the rear of the superload. Take a look at the 3 separate sections of the rear part of the trailer. The gent riding on the back steered the rear of the load by hydraulics, which pivoted the front two axles of the rear section. The remaining 2 rear sections just trailed behind to distribute the load.

Slide Show:

And here is video of the load pulling the hill out of town. Note the helper service pushing on the rear of the load. Pay no attention to the dork talking. He is only a figment of your imagination
A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words. A Memory Is Worth 1000 Pictures.

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Helluva lot of wheels.
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