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Default Any addvise?

Hi all! My name is Adam and I'm 13. I have only, wow..... a whole six photos in the database. I'm out side somewhere every day getting sunburnt chasing trains all over town on my bike just to get over 100 photos rejected. I was wondering if any of you veteran photographers had any addvise. It would be a great help to hear from you guys (or gals)! Also would you please take a look at what I currently have in the database and tell me what you think? Here is the link to all of my photos for anyone interested!
Thank you so much for your time. Train on everyone!

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Just to save some time, read some of the threads in the forums here that deal with rejected photos. In addition, scan through the photo database and see what type of shots are being accepted. Doing these two things, you should be able to compare your photos to what's currently being accepted, what's currently being rejected, and where your stuff fits in...
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What Ween said...And remember dont be afraid to get creative.
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Default Thanks

Alright thanks to both of you for your ideas. My main trouble though is that most of the trains that come through Freeport are between 12 and 5 pm and I always get nabbed by the sun angle.
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Keep all the pictures you take!!!! You brought back memories of my childhood. As many here know, I grew up in Missoula, MT, and like you, spent minute of daylight on my bike at the yard (and, pushed the boundaries to 10 miles out of town). The few pictures I did take are nowhere to be found. All I have is a shot of the yard looking east, and a rented MoPac EMD unit at the roundhouse. When you get to be a 31-year-old born-again railfan, you will look back fondly on the carefree summer days.

If you get a photo accepted: great!
If one isn't: consider it practice and figure out what the screener didn't like.
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You're doing an excellent job at age 13.

It sounds like you're starting to recognize the lighting style the screeners want. My advise to cut down on the rejections is to not submit when you know the light is bad. I wanted to submit every shot at first but now I only do when I think it has a good shot. Most of my favorite shots are not what the screeners at this site like. They go to my personal file.

As mentioned keep all of your photos. Always burn them to CD. Its not a bad idea to burn two copies and keep one somewhere else, like a grandparents house.

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UP Freak;

The best piece of advice I'd give you is to KEEP SHOOTING!!! That's the best way to become better at whatever it is you do. Keep all of your shots. I'm 35 and I wish I had been shooting when I was your age. I could have gotten al kinds of early CSX and late Southern style!!!

Joe H.
Joe the Photog Dot Com
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