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Default Holiday Grinch

I guess not totally unexpected, also not sure which of the catchall rejection sunk the ship but still, what would this hurt considering all the redundant CP holiday train photos(including mine). I was thinking of pulling down the outside highlights but probably would be futile.


I did post an outside view and this seemed this would go along?

accepted outside view:

Bob Jordan
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Kyle Korienek
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When I look at the rejected photo, the initial vibe, the first thought that popped into my head was that it was the interior of a city bus that happened to receive a wonderful Christmas decoration job done, and that to me, seems to be what killed it for the screener. How are they to know that it is a streetcar without reading? I know, they probably knew, but, that initial vibe may have done you in. Save it for your personal files, enjoy it, it is a nice photo, but don't beat yourself up over this rejection, I just don't see any way this was going to be a win on here as far as acceptance.
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Yes first impressions are important, I have already moved on but threw it out there for discussion, learning, and appreciate the comment. I wouldn't appeal anyway, esp for something like this, it would seem like groveling, "Pretty Please it is not really a lousy, crummy, irrelevant photo." ????

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