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Default Second district Road Trip

ts offical..I am not watching the TV weather again, and I am deleteing all of my bookmarks for internet weather sites and will be buying a weather rock. The forcast for Friday said it would be partly to mostly sunny...yea right. The weather rock is a much better forcaster..if the rock is wet, its raining...if the rock is white, its snowing..if you can see the rocks shadow, the sun is out....

Anyway, with that "forcast" for sun, Caleb, JR and myself decided to make a little road trip down South for a bit of exploring and to give the cameras some exercise. We got fooled by by a few sucker holes every now and then, but it was cloudy, and it wasnt going to clear up. Seeing as we where already on the road and in Tn by the time we figured out it was going to stay that way, we decided to make the best of it, which in retrospect, was a good decision. Everytime we go out, I seem to always be focused on getting that "perfect" sunlit picture, and at times that tends to take away from the hobby. Yea, it was cold and cloudy, but we still had a blast checking out new locations, and I found myself enjoying the trip even more not having to fool with getting to the perfect spot or having the camera set right. I think from now on I will only go out to shoot on cloudy days......er......then again, probably not..... Anyway, enough drivel, here are a few of the less than perfect shots from the day. Should you find yourself becoming queezy from the lack of sunlight, please delete Photos by James Russell and myself..I am sure that Caleb will have his own report sometime soon.

One of the first stops of the day was to check out a CNO&TP tunnel that had been abandonded during the reroutes. There are at least three of these between Onidea (TN) and Sunbright. This one is located just North of New river and several miles from the present day mainline. As you can see from the pictures, its not in the best of shape. I have been tracking down these tunnels between Danvile and Oakdale for several years, and this is one of the few I had not been to recently. Its hard to imagine anything ever running through most of them, but its history non-the-less

http://www.kd4jsl.com/NRtunnel_1_JCR011405.jpg (JCR Photo)
http://www.kd4jsl.com/NRtunnel_2_JCR011405.jpg (JCR Photo)
http://www.kd4jsl.com/NRtunnel_inside_JCR011405.jpg Looking inside from the North Portal (JCR photo)
http://www.kd4jsl.com/EBCHnrtunnel010405JCR.jpg Caleb and myself ready for the hike back out (JCR Photo)

The next goal for the day was to investagate a place JR knew about. After a hair-raising 4 wheel drive ride up and down a "long and winding path to nowhere" we where treated to this scene...hard to imagine that anyone lives back here!! If the flooded new river hasnt took away the trail, I will have to get back here again on a better day...just imagine what this would look like with a little sun and Blue Sky

http://www.kd4jsl.com/168newriver011405.jpg NS 168 crosses the New river
http://www.kd4jsl.com/Newriver1_JCR011405.jpg Two views of the bridge..I liked the contrast with all the clouds.. (JCR photos)

After spending all morning messing around with the above, we decided to find a few trains to shoot., Here a few shots from the rest of the day on the trip back North....

http://www.kd4jsl.com/up5889ns251mntview011405.jpg A late 251 climbs out of the New River Valley at Mountain View TN
http://www.kd4jsl.com/tcmntview011405.jpg Triple crown trailors fill the cut at Mountain View
http://www.kd4jsl.com/up3903ns283bearcreek011405.jpg 283 rolls past the Blue Diamond Tipple North of Onieda
http://www.kd4jsl.com/bnsf739revilo011405.jpg Soutbound grain with BNSF power at Revilo KY
http://www.kd4jsl.com/eskamorussell011405.jpg Mercer County Eskamo
http://www.kd4jsl.com/bnsf4805cumberfalls011405JCR.jpg 224 just North of Cumberland Falls (JCR photo)
http://www.kd4jsl.com/up4333ns223tateville011405.jpg 223 rolls through the CP at Tateville with UP power "yellow catfish"

E.M. Bell, KD4JSL
Salvisa, KY

NS Fourms http://jreb.org/ns
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