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Default Help appreciated for (backlit) reject

The following picture has been rejected for poor lighting (backlit), not enough light on the front or on the side of the engine. I would highly appreciate to receive your comments about this photo and know if there is a way to improve it and have it accepted in the database. Many thanks in advance for your help!

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The sharpness of the image drops off drastically after the front. There seems to be a secondary light source on the nose and flags which leaves some bright spots only in certain areas. The photo is also affected by a reflection on the smoke lifters of a window off frame to the left.
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Its inside, so the lighting cant be changed, He can add his own lighting but will they let him set up lights? Daniel you can add fill flash and set the flash too, -1 stop under exposure the next time your there. Thats all i can think of right now other then setting up lights.
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