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Default Getting people in trouble

Hey, so I took a picture of a lady on an Amtrak switcher, and she happened to be smoking. So then I get an email from someone saying this:

"Posting a picture of a railroader smoking on the job-site was a pretty piss-poor idea. I am almost 100% positive that Amtrak has a no-smoking policy or some form of discipline in place for it. As a railroader, I cannot tell you how much it irritates me when foamers unintentionally get us in trouble by broadcasting our follies for the whole world (including our bosses) to see in the internet. It would be smart to remove this photo. -Slimeskull"

So first of all, I didn't know railroaders weren't allowed to smoke on the job. I wouldn't have posted it if I had known it could have possibly gotten someone in trouble. But part of me feels like its not my problem that she's smoking in the picture. Why is she smoking in the middle of the busiest Amtrak yard in the nation?

So what do I do? Pull the picture?
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