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Default UP 1982 mini trip

I awoke at the dark hour of 03:30 Sunday morning to get out and catch the UP 1982, which was headed north today on IHOYC 20. It showed out of Illmo at 03:45 and had an arrival in Dupo of 06:45. That was perfect, as sunrise happened occured at 06:21.

I went outside to sit on the patio to enjoy the near full moon and wait for me ride. Making me happier yet was the fact that a mid cloud deck was leaving the area, so I was psyched at the prospect of getting a good sunrise shot.
My friend, Rat, was coming by at 05:00 so we could head to that other side of the river and catch the MoPac. He showed up right on time and we stopped by White Castle for breakfast, then headed to the Chester Sub.

The first train of the morning was AMXAS 19, well before sunrise, which was sitting at ICG with a diverging clear. Southbound at Dupo was ZYCLD 20. We checked out what was happening at Dupo and then headed back south. AMXAS 19 was headed north at Bixby and ZYCLD 20 was shooting south at ICG. We decided to head south to catch ZYCLD 20 at Fountain. We passed MNLAS 20 pulling up to ICG right behind AMXAS 19 while driving to Fountain.

There was a problem with this plan. ZYCLD 20 opened up to 70 m.p.h. south of ICG and gave us a run for our money. We got to Fountain in time for Rat to whip out his video camera, but I did not have time to cross the track and set up for a silhouette shot, which was about all I could do given the dark twilight sky. The first shot was one of Rat standing between crossbucks at Fountain.

After ZYCLD 20 cleared CJOBM9 18 headed north out of Valmeyer. I shot this one’s DPU as it went by.

Image ©
Photograph ©

After that was CCDWB 18 southbound, which I shot on the bridge at Fountain.

Image ©
Photograph ©

Next was QASLI 21 with a pair of CN units. Light was still dim, so this is all I could salvage.

To my knowledge there were four northbounds, the IHOYC 20 being the fourth in line, and we had just witnessed three pass by. We knew the time was drawing closer for IHOYC 20, so we shot on down to the signals at Valmeyer. Almost as soon as we arrived we saw a headlight coming through town so we quickly set up. Indeed it was IHOYC 20, coming through just after sunrise. The clouds had moved back in by this time, so we did not get a very good shot.

We split out of there and beelined to Dupo. IHOYC 20 slowed down, of course, to enter the 200 yard at Dupo. In the mean time, MPRPB pulled south to 75R and blocked the main line view of IHOYC 20. That ended up not making a difference since IHOYC 20 was traveling behind a cut of cars already in the yard. I moved north and got a few shots of it as it emerged into a clear area of the yard.

Image ©
Photograph ©

That was it for me as I had some other commitments. The sun came out after the train left Dupo and several people got shots of it as it headed north toward Chicago.

Image © Keith Belk
PhotoID: 116154
Photograph © Keith Belk

Image © TKRedeker
PhotoID: 116226
Photograph © TKRedeker

Image © TKRedeker
PhotoID: 116224
Photograph © TKRedeker

Image © TKRedeker
PhotoID: 116223
Photograph © TKRedeker

Click on for a good laugh and waste of your time.

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