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Sorry, guys, but I don't see the apples to apples comparison between a shot which was clearly taken from a safe distance with a remote release (also specified in the comments) and the other referenced shots where it appeared the photographer was actually kneeling underneath derailed equipment.

We reject numerous shots every single day for PEQ which were clearly shot while trespassing, many from positions I would consider unsafe (such as the "camera on the railhead with the reflection of the approaching train" shots that seem to be all the rage lately).

Many of these are clear cut cases, some are not.

I screened Travis' shot, and assumed the camera was positioned either at a grade crossing, or pedestrian crossing. I didn't notice the crossbucks in the background initially, but given that Travis has now explained the situation further, their presence wouldn't change my decision at this point.

He had permission from a BNSF employee to be where he was (we could go around in circles on whether this specific employee had 'authority' to grant that permission forever), and more importantly, wasn't in a position of any danger to himself, others, or the train.

I've watched plenty of moron railfans do REALLY stupid things to try to get "that shot," including running across the tracks directly in front of a train, being on a bridge as a train is approaching then running off, kneeling on the tracks, laying on the tracks, climbing up signal masts, etc. etc. etc.

That is the kind of behavior we are always trying to discourage.

And lastly... as far as the argument that this sort of shot could lead someone else to go out and try it without a cable release and get hurt.. well, you can't fix stupid. If some idiot decides to go out and lay in the middle of the tracks to try to replicate this shot, he deserves whatever happens to him, as far as I'm concerned.
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