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Default Totally cloudy.... tried some different things

Caught a train heading south with 2 GP40-2's on it in CSX paint working this little used branch near my house. I'm usually too much a wimp to go out with completely overcast skies. Very slow ride (10 mph and flagged crossings) so I had time to beat him to 6 or 7 angles in 5 miles (plus a couple angles from each place). Cloud cover and white sky but I thought they didn't turn out too bad..... One was accepted and another should be shortly...... But I had several more and some feedback would be nice on what to do or not to do...

Here is the one accepted:

Image © Greg Dahbura
PhotoID: 124552
Photograph © Greg Dahbura

another that was accepted on appeal but the photo dissappeared... resubmitted.... rejected again and then another appeal.


moody shot axed for bad crop:


axed for similar angle:


screener said to try as a vertical:


And the others that I didn't submit or look better smaller:
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chris crook
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I like the one with the cows. Most of the shots are pretty cool, although the exposure is a bit nutty with a few of them.

Flickr: Armco_block
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Joe the Photog
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I think the shots are all good, esp. the one that got accepted. The one thing that I see are the best ones are all head on shots, i.e. similiar to others which, to me, makes them less powerful. The side angle of the train going over the crossing is good, but they might not like the "nose room" ahead of the loco. I'd give it a try though.

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