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Originally Posted by Mberry View Post
I'm lucky to have a wife who tolerates, perhaps even somewhat enjoys going on railfanning trips with me, our first vacation was going to Train Festival 2009 and Chicago and we've been to the Conway Scenic Railroad for short trips a number of times, in fact our honeymoon was there in 2012. It helps that my father-in-law was in the railway business for many decades.

My wife is pretty adventuresome and has gone out with me a few nights. She helps me set up lights. The first time was in Holden MO, where we caught the UP 844 blowing through town in the dark doing about 60 mph. The most recent time was in December, when we hiked up a mountain to catch the WMSR 734 pounding uphill in the dark. She was really into it and stuck it out in the cold like a trooper! I tried to get her to go with me again a month ago to catch the RCPE out in the middle of South Dakota in the wee hours, but she just said, "Meh. It's just old diesels." So there we have it. My wife has become a steam snob.

She is coming with me to CRPA in Chicago next month. I was actually kind of surprised she wanted to go. She did say she wasn't riding Loop trains around until two in the morning though. A few days after I sent payment in, she asked, "Just how many women will be there?" I thought about it and replied, "Well, at least five if you come." She then asked how many total will show up, and I told her about 200.

As for a railfanning girlfriend, I'm not so sure that means all that much. I'll tell the story about my hunting buddy Roger. He said he was buying a 20 ga. shotgun for his girlfriend, because she said she really wanted to go hunting with him. I found that highly unlikely as this was not a woman built for tromping around a slough all day. The fact she had lived all her life in South Dakota and had never fired a gun was another clue. He said, "Oh no--she said she'd love to go!" I advised him to buy a cheap one because once she had a ring on her finger, she'd never touch it again. Turns out I was right.

Kent in SD

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