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If and when I get things back . . . I just leave them in my quite nice and growing, personal collection. It is just not worth it to resubmit, unless one is desperate to get something up on the site. Experience will show this to be wisdom over time.

Trying the same shot eight ( 8 ) times seems like some major frustration. See rule one (1) above for the best route to a happy life.

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Yeah I quickly learned that sometimes the beauty is in the eye of the photographer, and I keep my "non rp quality treasures" in my own little collection. After all the most important part is that you like them!
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Default Attention All Photographers


I know you are the admin, and I can understand the frustration, but I think you should try and warn the photographers about this in some manner along with the forum. Perhaps an e-mail if you see it happening. If this site is anything like the airline site, not everyone reads the forums. Just a thought.

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I appreciate the comment, Nick. I was worried about this shot for a couple of reasons -- it was shot with a super wide angle at 10 mm (16 if I shot film) and that shadow off the bridge worried me as well. But unlike RJ, I thought the shot deserved, well, a shot at the database. I try to let rejections push me to see if the screener is right and to see if I can make the shot better or should just let it be.

Once again, the appeals process worked.

Joe H.
Joe the Photog Dot Com
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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog

I understand your frustration with this. However, if you're going to threaten suspension of one's uploading capabilities to the web site, please make sure that the resublittal is really the same shot.
I believe he does this by checking to see if the file size of the two images are the same. If there was any ounce of correction done, the file size should have changed. If it hasn't, it is pretty much a safe bet it's the same photo.
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So far sounds good...

I uploaded a shot I found on another site (after loosing most of my images) and I forgot to change the name of the locomotive from SD9043AC to SD40-2. Minor error, reupload with locomotive data change and voula!

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I can totaly see the screeners frustratinos here. Getting the same shot 8 time would just piss me off. I think that people need to be warned before they have their uploading privlages revoked for a month. Send them an Email or something saying that they need to not upload the exact same shot multiple times or else they will be suspened or what not. Also maybe give them a few pointers as to how to get good shots, or how to fix up what they have... just a though. Most of the rejection messages are clear. "bad motive" is the only what that bugs me. To me it feels kinda like a catch all and covers too broad of a spectrum of issues, not all of which I feel fit the definition of bad motive.

I try never to upload the same shot, untill its been modified. The only exception would be the ones that do not work for what ever reasons (see the post where i was saying that some of my shots randomly will not upload claiming bad filename, but the filename on my side is fine) anyways those are the only ones that I ever reupload, mostaly jsut cause I'm hopeing that some bits got lost in transmition... but so far its never worked. Sorry about that to whoever screens all thos shost, but I'm jsut not sure why they dont work...

anyways i think the comments box to the screner is helpful. It jsut allows for better comunication.

till later
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