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Default BNSF Illinois Traffic

Visiting from California I knew very little about BNSF lines in Illinois. I had a general idea, but last week I was finally able to get out there and see them 1st hand. 1st I went to Rochelle. I had no idea it was the mainline from Chicago To the Twin Cities and Seattle/PDX. For some reason I thought it passed through Milwaukee but I was mistaken. Next, I visited Princeton. I thought this was the main thoroughfare between Chicago and KC, but come to find out more freights leave Chicago via Joliet and pass through Streator and Toluca. Next, I was in Galesburg at the Amtrak Station. I stood there for an hour while horns blew all around me, but nothing came. Come to find out the Joliet-Streator line ran just north of town and joined at Cameron Junction. I drove out to Cameron, but got caught in a downpoor and retreated back to the interstate. (Californians can't drive in rain) So... My questions. Do ALL double stacks use the Streator-Toluca-Joliet line ?? How many trains pass through Streator everyday, compared to Princeton. What freights mainly use the Aurora-Princeton-Mendota line, And are most of them headed to Kansas City ?? Do all freights heading to St. Louis/Texas, use the Joliet-Streator line. And freight wise, what city has more traffic... Joliet or Aurora ?? Anything headed to Rochelle/Twin Cities is going to pass through Aurora correct ??? So Aurora would have more ?? See how confused I still am. Someone please help me out..... Thanks
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What you need is a map. Check the following link and things will become clearer.

Around Chicago BNSF has heavily invested in their former ATSF route. The new logistics park near Joilet has opened recently and, of course, they have the large UPS facility at Willow Springs.

Double stack traffic to the Pacific Northwest, of course, travels via the former BN/CB&Q route to Aurora and then heads northwest via Rochelle. UP uses this same route to Kansas City via trackage rights inherited from the SP merger.

When you go to the BNSF system map, click on the area of interest to get a PDF division map and then enlarge it to see the details.

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