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Default Common power???

I subbmited this picture and had it rejected for cloudy common angle/common power.


Common angle maybe, but an Alco anything hasn't been common power in the last two decades. I appealed and was rejected. I have other frames, but they're not all that different angle wise.

So exactly what is "common power", or is there just a large number of Alco's running around that I never see?
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May not be so much common power. But the angle could have been better. Maybe more of the train, rather than just the engine and part of the hopper behind it. Though, the cloudy day kind of makes it a little bland as well. Sunlight would have brought out the colours a lot more.

It's a shame, though. It appears that the engine has a lot of character. I'd say try again.
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Much of the reasoning behind the 'cloudy/common' rejection deals with the ability to shoot a subject in better lighting conditions. From looking at the other shots of this unit in the database, it appears that this one could be shot in much better lighting conditions. While a roster shot for your personal collection is certainly a good idea, for publication here we either would like to see better lighting or a more creative shot.
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Well, ask a question, get an answer.

Guess I'll have to go to Watseka in the morning some time (or see if any of the other frames maybe have something saving them from the common angle curse).
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