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Default Comments requested.


It's not what I would call a standard 3/4 so I thought the angle different enogh from this location to make it more interesting as it shows the train trailing off behind the units as they start into the curve by the station.
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Joe the Photog
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I would appeal if it were mine and write "Can you be more specific about the bad angle?" I've done this before and they usually will either be more specific or just accept the shot. It's possible they hit the wrong button. We all, or, well, most of us have wedgies in the database.
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My first thought was that the horizon was unlevel but now I'm not so sure. The engine does look tilted to the right a bit and I doubt that the track is superelevated. But then I looked at the pole on the left supporting the windsock and the visible portion of the structure (relay cabinet?) next to it. Those both appear to be straight.

I don't see anything wrong with the angle itself.
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It seems to me sometimes that there is a ranges of angles in between nose-on and classic wedgie (at 45 degrees, say) that RP does not care for. They may have wanted just a bit better view of the side.

I do think it is a bit unlevel and I would ignore the windsock in favor of verticals near the center of the image. Poles do not always go straight up.
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