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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
Ummm...you see what the file size will be when you use "save as."

Well looky there...you sure do. I did not see it in the initial "Save as" screen but after selecting OK or save (whatever it was) it brought up another screen which did in fact give the size.

As promised I have done a little investigating. The same image, saved at maximum quality through both methods, and both saved to 1024px on the long side. Save for web (S4W) file size was 679.7k, Save as (SA) 753.7k. I cannot see any difference in the image itself. However, there is a significant difference in the way the signature looks. SA is much brighter that S4W. Is the brighter signature and EXIF data responsible for a 74k spike in file size? Possibly. Here are the images. Lets see if some other eyes can pick up on any differences.

P.s. I noticed when uploaded the file size changed for SA. Now down to 743.1k. Interesting.... For what its worth, I still prefer S4W. I find it easier. More control and information all in one place rather than having to operate on multiple screens to complete the task. I don't see any difference in image quality, with the exception of the signature. So if there is, its minuscule. For web use I am okay with that. Now when I go to print, thats when I get picky!
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After looking over both, I can see a little difference between the two. the Save for web version lost a little detail (more visible on the boot laces, the zipper on the right side of the outdoor bag, and on the shell box. Overall there is a slight reduction in sharpness in the entire image (best seen in the carpet).

It's not enough to call it a deal breaker in my book though, since it is a quite small difference. I do see it though.

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