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Default Gallery: Alternative SCs

I happened to look at the latest Danneman SC and thinking to myself, no big deal! To my surprise, a quick search suggests that view has never appeared on RP before. Still, while it is a pretty enough shot, it does seem like a dime a dozen out-west curves shot to me, summer mid day light on the harsh side.

I don't begrudge the SC; those are a matter of taste and it isn't my site. But looking at it made me think - what do I want to see in an SC. Well, I decided to start a thread to feature shots that we think should be SCs. Some might be ones the screeners just missed or had a brain hiccup or something. Others might be those that, judging from experience, the current screeners would pretty much never choose because those shots don't fit within their preferences. I am more interested in the latter. I'll start by showing one of the latter.

Image © Michael Da Costa
PhotoID: 457547
Photograph © Michael Da Costa

Frost, color, nicely blurred caboose, interesting side light, solid composition. I really like it. I would have screened it as an SC.

But that is just me. How about you?

(I suppose this might end up as a variant on the recent "going unnoticed" thread. But that is more a matter of missed views/comments, this is maybe a little different. Maybe not.

And I'm not looking to beat up on the screeners. Tastes vary. This is more about potential SCs that simply didn't fit the SC mold. Not screener mistakes but rather what a different set of screeners might choose.)
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