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Default Looking for opinions. Be gentle...

I have eyeballed this location for a couple years. I know there are some great shots to be had but not all of them are attainable to a person in my position. That said I have been working on finding a good shot and hit the RP brick wall. This shot was shot down yesterday. I tweaked to humor them and it sat in the queue all day and finally was picked off.

Here is the shot that has been veto'd. Busted for bad color though I don't entirely agree as the logo on the front of the engine has perfect colors that match the hat in front of me. The yellow hopper was truly that hideous faded vomit yellow. In addition, I looked at the lights today and to the naked eye the red lights are red and the blue light is actually blue. Though the white balance issue has exaggerated the blue in the shot. Also busted for being back sh!t... Not much I can do about that. Even if I had a flash setup it would look odd to light up the engine and leave the rest of the yard with shadows. I could probably B&W the shot and wait a month and get it in. Not interested in compromising that much. I love the shot in color even though it is a definite white balance war with all the different sources and types of light. So now I'm looking for outside opinions. Yay or nay on the location/angle and what could I do to improve the shot? I am striving for a coveted "Screener's Choice". Not necessarily with this shot but I am aiming to improve my shots to be able to "compete" at that level. I think a train moving through the shot would put it over but if a train is moving I'm probably the one behind the "wheel" so thats a no go. I guess I could gravity drop it... ha!

Anyhoo, help me out. What can I do to improve?
Anthony Dickson
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