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Default NY/PA trainwatching spots

The family plans to go to New York city for a few days pf vacation this summer. Unfortunately, my dad and i aren't exactly into Broadway or shopping downtown. Which leads me to my question: are there any good trainwatching locations in eastern PA or western NY? We plan to drive to Scranton one day to visit steamtown, and we think that is about as far as is logical for one day. Also, we plan to drive back through Binghamton, NY, and would like to check out CP's yard there (if possible). If anyone knows of some decent trainwatching spots within about an hour of NYC, i'd appreciate hearing back from you. Many thanks,

Peter MacCauley

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River Line. River Line all the way. Go to Selkirk, maybe Iona Island, and drive along route 21 and find spots. My field is Kingston. Wilbur Trestle. Search River Line on google or rp, see the pictures, find a place you like. The Field is your classroom.
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Like has already been stated, the River Line is probably the premiere railfanning location in the New York tri-state area. No doubt you have seen many shots from the line over the years on RP and in publication alike.

While the River Line does go through Kingston as previously mentioned, on a first trip there is no reason to stray more than a few miles from Bear Mountain State Park. The park is located about 40 miles north of NYC and can be easily reached by taking the Palisades Parkway or Federal Route 9W (which parallels the tracks for a good length of the way).

I have several shots from the area here on RP, unfortunately I went digital just as I left the area for Pittsburgh, so most of my stuff is hiding away in slide binders somewhere. If you're interested in more information, feel free to contact me via PM. Below are some of the more popular angles near the park;

Image © John Ireland
PhotoID: 169653
Photograph © John Ireland

Image © John Ireland
PhotoID: 130369
Photograph © John Ireland

Image ©
Photograph ©

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