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Default Copyright Questions for Ten Year Olds

My son, ten, and my daughter, nine, take photographs, too. My question is: do they own their copyrights? I guess what I mean is how I should list the copyright on their questions. My thinking is they own their copyrights but that I should be, for lack of a better word, executor, since they won't be the ones, for mow, posting images or making sure there shots are not being unlawfully used. At this point, I can't even convince them to load them off the camera to the computer, much less do the actual post processing.

Any suggestions?
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Joe - Interesting question. "BurghBoy" is 8 and has quite a photo collection for his young age. I'm not a law expert, but here is my opinion:

A copyright belongs to the photographer regardless of age so your children own their images. Children cannot legally enter into contracts until they are of age so as a parent, you technically are the executor of their rights until that time. Therefore you could post their photos online in a format such as this. In addition, you could take action on behalf of your children should someone violate their copyright protection. Or at least I think!
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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog View Post
My son, ten, and my daughter, nine, take photographs, too. My question is: do they own their copyrights?


Can a minor claim copyright?
Minors may claim copyright, and the Copyright Office issues registrations to minors, but state laws may regulate the business dealings involving copyrights owned by minors. For information on relevant state laws, consult an attorney.

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