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Default For your 7 day viewing & suggestions

I'm bored with the standard wedgie so I've been focusing on anything but that. Made another trip to Strasburg this year and took the little ones when it was the Day out with Thomas and retried shooting some previously rejected shots form years earlier. In all my pictures, I focused what has not been posted on RP, thinking outside the box and being different. I hadn't planned this shot as I didnt know the boxcar or anything for that matter would be there but waiting on another shot to develop I was standing very near this location and thought it looked rather picturesque and DIFFERENT. So after patiently waiting for the crowds to clear, I collected a few frames and moved on. After viewing and processing it, I was pleased with the outcome. It was what I was after, a simple different view of Railroad life other than a locomotive bearing down on me at a 3/4 wedgie. Welp needless to say, not good enough for RP. I've tried one other shot from this days adventure and welp it got rejected for clouds, and common power. Clouds I get (but hey not everyday is sunny) what really puzzled me was how Thomas the Tank and #90 steaming right at me qualified for common power. Anyway things have been quite on the forums so I'm throwing this pic out there for any critiques or suggestions, barring the obvious, cloudy.

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