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Default WARNING: I've Been HACKED

Somebody hacked my computer and one of my sites (bwayjcteny.net). I had a file on my computer with all my passwords in it, so if you see any "wierd" messages or e-mails from me (bikeyorph@gmail.com, webmaster@bikeyorph.com, mxyzptlk31@aol.com, or anything@bwayjcteny.ne)t, DON'T open them as they may contain malaware, spam, viruses etc. Also if you see any "wierd" posts please inform the admin so he can find out the IP address of the person who posted it. Plus a note to the screeners, if you see any spam photos being submitted through my account ("Dante DTrain22 Angerville"), that that is NOT me, and I would never send anything like porn or other nonsense to the screeners. Whoever did this probably knows me somehow.
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Sorry that happened to you..hope you can clear things up.
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Thanks for the warning.
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