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David Telesha
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Default Hilarious - Netizen's Guide to Flame Warriors

Its worth the time to go through them all.. Enjoy!


P.S. Be sure to start with "A" from the drop down menu - the "Begin" link starts with "B"..
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That was a good one, David!

I believe we've found out exactly what the whiners here are....

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We now have a small cafeteria here at RP.net. Below you will find the menu


JREB.ORG. Moderated discussion forums about NS & CSX

Remember the ugly photo god.

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That was awesome reading!
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That was absolutely hysterical!!! Lots of dysfunction out there, that's for sure.

So what "warrior" does everyone think they most resemble? I think I can peg lots of folks, but I think I'm that Jekyll and Hyde guy.
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