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Originally Posted by WKUrailfan
Not to give someone the benefit of the doubt, but Jon Fink could have accidentally attached the wrong image. But keep clamoring for him to be banned if it makes you feel better about yourself...
Chill out... this entire thread is in jest. Anyhow, he uploaded the same photo three times, a few hours apart, and still isn't banned, so I guess we must not be the hard asses everyone makes us out to be.

Oh, and I picked up on the shark nose reference, too.
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I'm surprised nobody has done this yet...

If I want to see a close up of a shark, I'll take this:

Image © John Dziobko
PhotoID: 171196
Photograph © John Dziobko

Though I actually like this animal better.

Image © John Dziobko
PhotoID: 181585
Photograph © John Dziobko

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John Fink...hmmmmm, wonder if he's related to Rat?
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