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Default The Rejected

For those of you -- and I have been there recently -- who complain about rejections here at RP, how about this? I paid 40 dollars to enter two pictures into a local contest. They were offering prizes, but were also offering to put some of the shots in a gallery and let you try to sell your work. Well, neither shot was accepted and absolutely no reason was given.

Here are the shots I put in --

Bot shots, of course, were high resolution. The steam train was 16X20 and the Columbia skyline was 20X30. A quick look at the shots that were and were not accepted shows that most of the shots accepted were from Rock Hill, SC, where the gallery is, and most of the shots not accepted were not from Rock Hill, SC.

I've also been submitting to Trains lately and nothing.... yet? I'm a photojournalist for TV and I've freelanced for newspapers before, but submitting things to magazines will toughen you up even quicker than getting things rejected from RP. I think that's actually a good thing.

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Joe, you didn't attach the shots.

I wouldn't even think of submitting to Trains. Most of the photos are story-specific, so unless you happen to have the extraordinary good luck of putting a shot on someone's desk the week it is needed, why bother? The limited "gallery" space seems to have a shot from the last 5 years and a shot from the last 20, and no shot from the last 6 months. I know of some people that have news shots in, but I am not in a position to chase news as it occurs. I love the magazine, so don't get me wrong, but I don't see it as a venue for photo submission.
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Don't let local photo contest rejections bother you...it's all so subjective based on the judging. A different judge most likely would have picked entirely different images.
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