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Default Some More Rejects

Photo 1 was rejected for Poor lighting (Backlit). I appealed, but the appeal was rejected without comment. Doesn't look backlit to me at all.

Photo 2 got Bad Angle. I've seen shots like this on RP before.

Photo 3 got Bad Cropping. I really liked this shot, and was suprised about this one.

As always, thanks for any comments!

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Photo 1: Wrong side of the tracks for what is pretty much a wedgie of all too common NS power.

Photo 2: Nice try at a glint shot, but the side of the train should be lit up a little more. Also looks like the trailers gave you a tad too much glare.

Photo 3: High sun as well. Not sure about the crop, but it is a high sun/dark nose roster shot when it comes down to it.
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I like em.... The first would work if it was almost anything besides a NS Dash 9 but next time try the brighter side of the tracks.

I like the second shot but as a going away glint shot with the power in the shadows I don't think its the type of pic RP is looking for.

I really like the third. Since the power is somewhat rare and the tree framing it adds to the shot, separating it from a roster shot I think it has a chance. The lighting doesn't mess it up very much IMO. Not much you can do as far as editing... if rejected maybe just an appeal.

Hope this helps!
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I think backlighting is just about the last thing wrong with it the first shot. Of course, the power is boring, but the photo itself is good.

As for the second shot, I think it could have had a good chance of being accepted if the locomotives and first few cars weren't in shadows.

I like the compostion on the third one, but as Caleb mentioned the sun angle's high.
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I find the tree limbs and leaves distracting in the 3rd shot. Perhaps trying to frame the train by the tree would work better.

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