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Default The Train Down the Line In Perfect Light

Went out to do some fanning today... came upon a train at an inaccessable spot, but with perfect light on it.

Heard what sounded like it could be him on the radio saying he was ready to go.

Found a parking spot in a good location and waited... for an hour, of glorious, perfect, light.

He didn't move.

Then, a crew van appeared... It was so far away, and I went to grab my telephoto, which was a huge mistake, because in doing so, I missed my chance to see if the van brought a new crew, or just picked up the old crew.

And were they tying the train down, or swapping crews.

Another van came... it looked liked doors were being opened on the sides of the engines.

I waited.

Someone on the radio, on the right channel, said the train was good. (Good for what?... Was it this train?)

I waited. Man, was the light good.

Both vans left.

The train's headlight was still on.

A dispatcher on the radio said, "I'll let you go after I let another train pass." But I didn't see what frequency. Was it this train? Was it this railraod?

I waited. I'd now blown two hours... but in those two hours, the light had gotten even better.

Still nothing.

Crap... I couldn't stand it anymore. I gave up. I got in the car to go up to Cajon to actually shoot a picture of something.

When on the radio I hear, "Kaiser Grain Train, is blue."

No idea what " blue" means, but that train I was waiting for had its tail in the old SP Kaiser Yard and it was a grain train, so I turn around and race back.

It's still sitting there.

Headlight is still on.

Not moving.

I've now wasted three hours... on a dead train... in the most beautiful light you can imagine... with a snow covered mountain behind it.

Okay... just thought I'd share.

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