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John J. Poshepny
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Default Is this worth saving?

http://www.railpictures.net/viewreject.php?id=158811 Is this worth saving?
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Sure. If you don't have any other photos of, say, a once in a life time visit to a museum or such, it could be a nice reminder of the trip.

I am not sure how a personal question like this can be answered? Do you have disc space or a slot in a slide catalog? If yes, then sure.

I don't think it can be "saved" to meet requirements for RP.net.
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bnsf sammy
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its blurry, and fuzzy. Good shot, but I think it would look good in your personal colection
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Being able to see anything outside the window is distracting.

BTW, Sou 1401 is a Pacific (4-6-2) , not a Northern (4-8-4), and the location is the Smithsonian Museum.
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Why dont you tell us? Only you as the photographer should be able to decide weather its worth saving or not.
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