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Default A Really Cool Columbia, SC Before And After

Roughly the same position and vantage point, 17 years apart,

January 13, 1991 (F. Will Martin Photo)


January 3, 2008 (Me)


Will Martin seems to be zoomed in a little more than I am and has panned over to the left more. I took my shot without having ever seen Will Martin's photograph yet. I just figured someone somewhere had taken a shot from there before they tore the old Lincoln Street Viaduct down.

A lot of changes in seventeen years.

The LSV started at Heyward Street on this end and ran along Lincoln all the way to Gervais Street and what was then the passenger station. All of the Gervais Street corridor was moved to what is called "the ditch" in Columbia because 1.) it runs under the streets and 2.) it's ugly like a ditch.
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Wow, if you hadn't told me it was the same location, I'd have never known it. Amazing the difference a few years can make.
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