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Default La Grange, KY and Tower 55 help.

I had this request in the trip reports thread since I will be making a trip. OK, no replies, maybe wrong thread:

I will be making a trip to Ft. Worth in the middle of May. I've been to the Intermodal Transportation Center, and have seen Tower 55 from the distance. I see quite a few photos on RP from ground level that are waaay closer than that. Is this area an easily accessible (and legal) area to get to? I have also seen overhead shots. These surely aren't from the "Mixmaster". Can anyone shed some light where the overhead shots are from?

Also, on one of the drives enroute to/from Texas, we hope to stop in La Grange, KY. What is the CSX traffic volume like through here for the street running? It appears primarily east-west, so positioning shouldn't much of a problem, minus high sun. Are there better days vs. others?
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