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Originally Posted by Dennis A. Livesey View Post
The 40D has been berry, berry good to me...
I am fortunate to have excellent lenses now so I get everything the 40D 10MP sensor can give me. (Particularly since the 40D is APS-C I get the sweet spot performance of my two L grade, full frame lenses.)
+1 on the 40d. I had an accident in October 2012 and my 40d died a painful death along with my 70-200F4L (which I had repaired). Rather than buy the hot new body, I found a low mileage used 40d on CraigsList for around $300.

But, yes I would gladly be in the 5D Mk III camp as well.
Thanks to Obama and his anti-gun propaganda and agenda, I had to divert camera money into guns and ammo in CY2013, I am gonna have to put off the 5d3 for a while.
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Originally Posted by Holloran Grade View Post


But that is all contingent on the continued remittances from Charles.

Perhaps you should speak directly to him.
I guess my humor just doesn't travel well. It probably dry's up somewhere over Ludlow.

I Foam Therefore I Am.

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Originally Posted by Dennis A. Livesey View Post
I guess my humor just doesn't travel well.
It travels just fine, but I wanted to get Charles involved.
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I have a 5D and a 7D. I bought the 7D to play with the video and I started to miss the crop factor when trying to take pictues of birds. I do find myself using the 7D more lately though. The more MP on the 7D is nice when you need to crop some. The 7D is also better focusing than the 5D when the kids are running around doing there stuff. I have thought about getting rid of both cameras and buying a low milage 1DIII, but it is old technology in a sense and you have to decide if it is worth it or to keep what you have. My current setup I get the best of both worlds, Full Frame and Crop with my 2 L lenses. I also have a Tamron 17-50 that I have barley used in the last 4 years but hold on to it for some reason.
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