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Default Another bad crop

First off I want to thank everyone for their helpful suggestions in the past. I have persisted on several shots with this forum's help. I appreciate the help very much.

I thought I had done everything right on this one, but I get a bad crop. I guess I missed something.


At least this time I levelled the horizon. Maybe the train blends in too much with the landscape?

The original is below:

Any ideas on cropping? Or am I just going to get hit with "too dark" or "no nose light"?
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I don't know if I see anything horribly wrong with the crop. But the sky kills this one. It's just too drab and you're too far away to get any detail. On bad sky days, forget the scenery in most cases and go for train. The exception would be -- there are always exceptions to rules, that's why they're rules -- when the scenery covers the sky. With thechurch and the house in the background, this is definitely a spot to go back to when you have better conditions.

In spite of what my sig line says, keep practicing!

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