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Default "Poor Image Quality" ?!?!?!?!

Now, I'm assuming Image Quality and RP Quality are two different things in this case, but several photographers (railfan and non-railfan) I emailed this around to agree there is nothing "poor" about the quality of the photo... "Backlit" or "Poor Cropping" I could see (but I'd probably appeal) and to a degree I was expecting a "Bad Motive"... but "Poor Image Quality"? What am I missing?

I'm thinking of reattempting the shot however, was wondering if there were any recommendations as to how I can improve the effect of the glint off the Amfleets. Any thoughts?


(Yeah, I know, another of those dang "sunset" shots!)

*To clarify, I was figuring if I got a "bad Angle" rejection I'd just crop out the catenary and level the platform a bit more, but I'm just confused what "poor image quality" means in this case.

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