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Default Not Quite Like Hollywood

CAMARILLO, Calif. (AP) _ A man jumped onto the top of an Amtrak train from a U.S. 101 overpass Thursday and was arrested miles down the track by sheriff's deputies who swooped in by helicopter.
Juan Lopez, 33, of Camarillo made the 20-foot leap about 9 a.m., authorities said.
``At this point the train starts pulling out and the witnesses see Mr. Lopez standing on top of the train waving to everyone in the parking lot,'' Deputy Julie Novak told KCAL-TV Los Angeles.
The Amtrak engineer, unaware Lopez was on top of the train, guided the train for another five miles before stopping in Somis. A county helicopter dropped deputies onto the train.
``We found the train. We still found Mr. Lopez on top of the train. He was being uncooperative and not following their orders so they actually had deputies on the ground distract him while other deputies sneaked up behind him,'' Novak said.
It was then they discovered Lopez had a broken ankle. He was restrained and taken to Pleasant Valley Hospital Medical Center.
``Because of the incident and the history we have with him _ we've had some psychological incidents _ so the hospital is going to do an evaluation,'' Novak said.
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