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Default Cloudy day, common power

This shot was rejected for cloudy day/common power, but the sun was shining on the train, there were just clouds behind the train, so the lighting actually isn't all that bad. Is there anything I can do to get it accepted?
Heres the shot
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David Telesha
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Looks a little soft and dull.

Sharpen and increase the color saturation.

However the mono-tone washed out sky might doom this one with RP.
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the lighting actually isn't all that bad.
But it isn't all that great either. Try David's suggestions and see what you come up with. I agree that the washed out sky doesn't really help the photo any.
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Upping the saturation might help, like David suggested. If the sun is shining, it is hard to tell. Maybe you got cloud zapped? I can see what appears to be some sun on the end of the train.

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