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Default Wanted everyone to see my reject

I like this photo a lot but it was rejected for bad cropping. Thought I would post here and get some feed back. Does anyone like my cropping?

I did get one excepted from my day at Strasburg

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The first one could have been good if you had gotten the whole engine into the picture. Good combination of smoke and clouds, not enough locomotive.

And the face on the second one just makes it look creepy for some reason.
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Bad Cropping. Yes - you appear to have cropped out most of the locomotive. Also, there's a lot of "noise" around the lower portion of the image. Probably from trying to over-lighten a black subject shot during high sun.
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It appears that you tried to focus on the smoke on the rejected pic. I don't mind the effect, but it doesn't look like the screeners did. BTW Congrats on the acception!
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CSX Fan, you are right about the noise at the bottom. I did lighten that portion of the image and it did degrade the image quality.

As for the cropping, I don't think it's "bad". It is a little different for this site, sometimes referred to as "artsy fartsy".

The sports photography site, sportsshooter.com holds a photo contest every year. One of the catagories in "No Ball". Believe it or not there are some really good photos of stick and ball sports where the ball is not featured. In this case I would add that it is possible to take a good railroad photo without including the whole locomotive. (Or any locomotive for that matter)

The shot was rejected and that's fine. I currently have three in the reject bin. I just liked this one enough, I wanted to share it anyway.

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