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Default Rejected images - do they go away?

Right now I have a bunch of images sitting in the RP.net circular file. They say that they go away after 3 days, but I've still got one from July 13th - is this usual to have rejects lying around for a week?

I'm doing pretty good - batting about .500 right now - mostly just tossing stuff against the wall to see what sticks and it's useful to refer to a few for possible editing and resubmission, but the rest - I won't be hurt if they dissappeared...

Just curious,
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Mine usually go away after 7 days. Today is the seventh day for the one I have, tomorrow I hope it goes away. When I first started submitting pictures here they did disappear after 3 days, but then something happened and now for me it is 7 days.
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They should be gone after no longer than 7 days. I'm glad my rejects are tossed after a few days. I'll go back and look at them later and think, OMG, what was i thinking.
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At .500 you are doing great. I took a stroll through your shots and they look quite nice. Don't even worry about the "Reject" pile, it is just a place you don't want, nor need to even venture, lol. Treat it as a non working feature and forget about that part.

Keep shooting . . . your stuff looks nice.
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