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Default What's wrong with this?

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For the less than 45 degree angle at which you took this, there is a lot of dead space. The lighting is marginal, and that pick up truck in the background is a little distracting, not terribly, but somewhat.

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Originally Posted by Miketherailfan
Id say crop it a little tighter. As far as image quality is concerned, it may be the faded paint that makes the image quality look poor. Cool little engine!
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Better question: What do you want us to see? The angle is not very accomodating for detail/techinical aspects of this unique engine. And there really is no artistic value to this particular shot.

For those of us very familiar with (general appearances) of American locomotives, this rare design is difficult to get a grasp on with the angle at which you took the picture. Is it long? Is it a center mount cab? Are the two ends symetrical? These are some questions we most likely subconsciously asked ourselves; with questions like these unanswered, rail enthusiasts (your target audience) will find the photo useless. But if you just wanted to keep a photo for yourself to remember a trip to a railroad museum, then there you go.

I personally would like to see better photos of this locomotive.
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A loco like that is screaming out for a nice side shot.
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A similiar shot taken from a few more paces to your left might have yielded more of a profile of the loco (and nixed that truck in the background). But I know Strasburg and how cramped it can get sometimes (especially near the shop tracks) as the shadow at far left seems to indicate.

As for the "poor image quality"... no clue. Looks ok from where I'm sittin.

* * *

On a brighter note, I see you did get one accepted today. Congrats.
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