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Default Photo sharpen

Does anybody know how much you sharpen photos? I am using Photo shop 6 and i need some advice on this.
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I do sharpening via the "unsharp mask" tool, and it depends, usually in the 170-230 range with radius of 1. But sometimes less, sometimes more.
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I use unsharp mask with a radius of .5 at around 80 normally.

You will find there is no correct answer, just make it sharp but avoid jaggies.
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Okay thank you i will give it a try.. Any other tips?
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If you are shooting raw, there is a sharpening setting during conversion, so it occurs regardless of what yo do later and is not in the place of sharpening at the end. In PSE9 I use an amount=25, radius=1, but those are not well tested values, I've never bothered to see if there are better. Sometimes people do some sharpening before downsizing and more afterwards. Whatever you do, put the last of your sharpening actions after downsizing and as late as possible, so you see the effects on a close to the final image as possible.

Sharpening is prone to creating "halos", thin white borders/lines on transition lines between light and dark areas. Look for those, especially in wires/lines crossing the sky between poles, and the top edges of buildings and of engines/cars where they meet the sky. If you see those, back off the sharpening power as that indicates oversharpening. If I have code lines or power lines in the sky, I will often select them and sharpen all of the image but for that area. This is an especially good idea for catenary.
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