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Default what do you do?

So you download your pics to your hard drive, pick the one that you like crop it and do a little sharpening and then save it to a 1024x768 size for web viewing or uploading to rp.net. Now, what if you want to send your pics out for processing? like to an 8x12 or 11x17, or 24x36? I go back to my original and start over, crop sharpening etc.
I always keep an original untouched pic in my file for this reason, I think if you take the 1024x768 and try to resize it you will loose the quality.
So in I end up with an;
1. original file, straight from the camera

2. a reduced 1024x768 file for web viewing or uploading to say rp.net

3. a file cropped and sharpened and saved to the largest digital size for photo processing (since you may have to rotate and reduce the size from the orig camera output)

This is what I do I'm just curious if this what everyone else does??

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Walter S
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I make a resized and non resized version of the edit. I only resize the photos I will put on RP, I keep the rest at there original size. I dont get why you would do your edit all oer again when you can just save it at its original size.

"I think if you take the 1024x768 and try to resize it you will loose the quality."

This doesnt make sense to me, or are you saying that when you downsize it more?

Personally from the way It sounds I think you are making this to hard on yourself.
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Actually, Walter, while his language may not be totally clear, I think Bill has it right in the end: original, processed full-sized, and processed RP/web-sized. But Bill, it sounds like your process may be a bit wasteful in terms of time. Or maybe the difference between the first half of your post and the 1,2,3 at the end is unclear.

I do a full processing except resizing and final sharpening; that may involve cropping and rotation and so is no longer 8.2 mp or whatever my camera does, but is a bit smaller. Then, I save a copy as my "full-size" file. Then I resize, sharpen, and save as my "RP/web" file. No need to go back to the beginning.
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The only time I'll have a "full-size" processed shot is when I know I want to make a print (which is rare). And when I have an image I want a print of, I'll process the shot in Adobe RGB; the shots for the web are in sRBG so I start anew from the original RAW file...
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Joe the Photog
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It sounds like Bill and I are work a lot alike. But I might go one further. I save the RAW file, then convert a copy of it to the largest JPEG possible, making subtle -- or sometimes not so subtle -- changes. If I'm unsure about a crop or an element of the post processing, I'll save more than one copy of the JPEG before deciding which one, if any, I want to "webisize."

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1. Rename RAW file and copy to two external hard drives.
2. Open one of the RAW files in raw conversion program (Adobe Bridge/Capture 1) and make initial adjustments, including input sharpening.
3. Open in PS CS3 and convert to TIFF, no compression.
4. Make all necessary adjustments to the TIFF (color adjustment, rotate, crop, etc.).
5. Convert to JPEG (1024x768 or larger depending on use).
6. Output sharpen.

If I need a larger Jpeg than originally created (or vice-versa), I go back to the TIFF and re-size accordingly. Since the TIFF has all necessary post-processing, no additional adjustments are necessary except for output sharpening.

The TIFF file will also be used if sending the image to be published in a book, magazine, etc.
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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog
It sounds like Bill and I are work a lot alike. But I might go one further.

Well, I guess I'm not that far off of the norm, and, I guess I'm not making this to hard on myself, glad to see all the different ways one preserves his pics,,,,and I thought technology is suppose to make life easier.
I just read there is only one commercial lab in the world processing Kodachrome! and they speculate it's possible discontinuation.
Thanks for the input

and don't forget those special files you keep, like for Avatars and other stuff

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I keep the RAW, do a processing and save the processing profile, so I can always get the same from the converter. If I (rarely) have to do a selective colouring or brightness set, or have to remove something with the stamp tool, I usually keep a full-sized JPEG as well, but never the GIMP .xcf file, as it's too big, and usually, if later I don't like the retouch job, I prefer doing it over again.
If I upload it to a forum, I just do a resize with irfanview, and if I upload it to RP, I prepare a sharpened small version, but keep neither.
I keep every resized photo I uploaded to my homepage, so after a server failure I can just re-upload it with one ftp call. But ~4000 photos at 800*600, 93% JPEG are not much of hdd space.
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