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Default Rejection, is it fixable?

What can I do to make the photos better?


http://www.railpictures.net/viewreject.php?id=325990 - it seems each time I submit this one the rejection reason changes.
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My opinions:

1st one - needs a CW rotation...everything is leaning left. I personally like the composition, leaving the foreground light & the full smokestack is a nice touch.

2nd one - feels a bit claustrophobic...the crop on the right side is too tight. I assume those foreground sticks are going to hurt your chances as well.

Good luck,
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I agree with Bill, it needs a slight clockwise rotation and I like the foreground and smokestack. The screeners might not like them so it might help to crop off at the right about where the smokestack is. You might also take some off the top and bottom to keep the photo the same shape. Just don't take off too much off or the train will take up too much of the frame.

For the second one, I don't think you can do anything about the cloudy rejection, they just don't accept many of those.

Hope these comments help and good luck fixing them.

PS the engine is listed as a AC4400 in the first, and it appears to be an SD70M.
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PS the engine is listed as a AC4400 in the first, and it appears to be an SD70M.
Not quite...ex-Conrail SD60M.

Same thoughts for the first one.

For the second one:
it seems each time I submit this one the rejection reason changes.
As was discussed in another thread, the foreground clutter is the killer. Nothing you can do about it. Also, not sure if you're doing this or not, but uploading the same photo without making any changes to it is also a no-no. Make the changes to fix the rejection and try again. If you disagree with the rejection, use the appeal function. If the appeal gets rejected, then it's time to let it go...

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I agree with Ween on the second one, but I would say it more strongly. Put it aside, it isn't getting in, bad light (flat, lifeless), foreground clutter, no matter the crop. Learn from this one, then let it go.
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