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Default A good day around Louisville (KY) clouds (or very few anyway) rain, no promise of snow, just a wonderful sunny day, thats what the weather man had to say. With that in mind, and the fact that we where all in dire need of a "road trip", Steve Blake, KLB, REB and myself loaded up this past Sunday morning and headed West to see what the NS had to offer.

As we left Salvisa, the East End DS gives a warrent to a BNSF 707 West, on NS 287 at Harrodsburg. We more or less follow that man West from the house, and steve pops our first shots of the day at Waddy as we pace the train for a coupleof miles . 287 heads in at the Shelbyville Mixing Center, and at about the same time we hear NS 114 getting ready to head West, so we wander around on the back roads till we find a Shot a Clarks Station and on the Pope Lick Bridge. NS 114 passes the old depot at Clarks Station KY. NS 114 on the Pope Lick bridge

After the second shot of 114, we move on closer to the Louisville area as the Dispatcher sets up a 3 train meet at Tucker. 168 is sneaking up behind us, and a very late 223 is working the small yard at Whitner. We take up residence at the East end of Tucker siding and wait out the two trains...and it turns into a lenghty wait as the 223 has a lot of work to do. NS 168 at East Tucker NS 223, with BNSF power, leaves the Tucker siding after the meet.

After the hour long wait at Tucker, its time for a early lunch so we pack up and head across the River to Indiana. There are Three Westbounds ready to leave Louisville and we set up to shoot the first one at the river view park In New Albany. NS 375 drifts across the K&I bridge and heads up the hill with Two catfish shoving on the rear. We follow the train up the hill and get him at the West portal of the Tunnel. NS 375 along the Ohio river NS 375 exits the tunnel at East Duncan the D90 pusher engines at Duncan.

After shoving 375 over the hill, the pushers head back East to shove 114 over the hill, so we go back down to New Albany and prepae to follow the 114 up the hill. This was the train of the day for me, with a good ol high hood SD40-2 on the point. 114 passes the pushers at Tatum 114 grind out of the Tunnel at Duncan Artsy shot of the pushers at East Duncan

The 114 stops at West Duncan to cut off the pushers before they head West, and we decided to follow him for a spell and try a few more shots of that great power. We bag him again at Georgetown Ind, and then at Corydon Junction as they pick up Four loads of Auto frames from the LNAC. a artsy view of 114 passing the softball field at Georgetown. 114's power passes a pair of stored Alcos at the LNAC Interchange.

The light is getting low by this time, and we bag just Two more trains at Ramsey Ind...those shots are still in the camera. Not a bad day all said...hope you enjoyed the pics..
E.M. Bell, KD4JSL
Salvisa, KY
NS Fourms
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