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Default Bad Contrast Help

Too much or too little? I wish they would specify-it would make it easier for everyone.

Keep in mind that my monitor is a bit on the dark side...I'm still getting a feel for it.
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My guess would be too little, although I have a suspicion that even if you up the contrast you might be in for another rejection - Cloudy/common or Soft. The numbers and lettering on the engines don't look particularly crisp, and I'm afraid if you try too much sharpening you'll end up with jaggies on the handrails.

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Joe the Photog
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This is a case where the screener couldhave given you more direction if he so chose. There are other issues that should keep this one out of the databse --

-- Cloudy/Common
-- Undersharpened
-- Bad Color (Not enough saturation)
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I dunno if it's just shallow depth of field, but those trees look horrible. The whole image looks a little on the bad quality side. Nothing really pops out. The vignetting could use a touch of fixing also. And, what Joe said. Might have to keep this one in the personal files.

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Dennis A. Livesey
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I would look at your histogram. Correct that and I bet your image will look fine.

As it is, the contrast is so bad it gives me a case of nausea...

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Too little.

I'm also going to guess that this was shot with a telephoto on a fairly hazy day.
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