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Default Image size question for verticals?

What are the best sizes to crop for when submitting vertical shots these days? In the submission guidelines, it states photos must be "800 pixels in width x 600 pixels in height for horizontal images, or at least 600 pixels in height for verticals." "Optimal size for uploaded images is 1024 pixels wide x 768 pixels high and at a similiar ratio."

I submitted a shot that ended up as 861 x 1024 which is almost a landscape shot turned on its side and it was rejected for size reasons. Per the guides above, the only requirement is that this shot should be over 600 pixels high which it is at 1024. Should I crop to narrow the image from 861 down to about 768, resize to get closer to 600 in height or get really crazy and turn it into a landscape shot?

Thanks for any input

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