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J-M Frybourg
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Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
... it's just perhaps slow to recognize a rapidly growing foreign base. I would agree, a foreign screener might be a good idea - heck, any new blood with enthusiasm for the site would be beneficial. That being said, that doesn't much help unless all "foreign" pics are screened by a foreigner from a country often foreign to photos from foreigners. Maybe RP needs a foreigner for the appeals? Better yet - my suggestion to admin is seemingly simple - with all due respect - lighten up and be more flexible to well known and received contributors. The loss of several and the perceived atmosphere here deprives the site of its potential.
Mitch, I so completely agree with you !!

In the past, I have repeatedly suggested precisely that. To add some non-US blood, like foreign screeners (perhaps with the limitation of screening only the non-Us pictures?). Also allowing some pages, like instructions for upload, etc. to be also readily available in selected foreign languages. Etc.
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