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Originally Posted by Chase55671 View Post
I think of it this way. If someone is renting a home and I am taking photos from their front lawn, and they request that I leave, I simply will not. However, if their landlord (the actual owner of the property) asks for me to leave, then obviously, I'm going to leave. This is what the "photographers right" clearly states.
I'm no lawyer and I can't cite a source at the moment, but my understanding is that the renter (lessor) has sole right of access to the property. So even the property owner cannot enter the property without express permission. Such permission can be given at the time of desired access or it can be included in the lease agreement, along with various stipulations as to when such access is allowed.

Here is some language from a rental agreement that I found on the web: "Management shall have the right of access to property for inspection and maintenance during reasonable hours. In case of emergency, Management may enter at any time to protect life and prevent damage to the property."

So you had better get off that property post haste!
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