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Thanks for the posts, Joe & Shortlines USA.

There was no locomotive with the train in Loris.

I haven't been on highway 905 in awhile, but there was a red locomotive at the depot there for a good while, but I did not see it, or any locomotives in the Sun-News photos.

Strangely, in one of those Sun-News photos, a boxcar, and some other rolling stock that was normally on the house track, was backed up onto the Kingston Lake trestle.

I was in Mullins, SC recently, and before the crossing with CSX, there was a black 100 ton locomotive, although I did not notice the number on it.

I did see some net photos of a black 100 ton locomotive pushing a car across the drawbridge into Myrtle Beach, & onto the defective Canal Street trestle, probably early 2011, & the number on that one is 4002.

So, unless CS has more than one black 100 ton locomotive, I'd think the one in Mullins(the only one there) was #4002.

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